Project 2eASD Professional Learning Video Modules

UConn Project 2eASD/GT Twice Exceptional Autism Spectrum Disorder: Effective and Successful Instructional and Educational Strategies for Student Success (Total Video Viewing Time: 52:26)


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Background information and major findings from Project 2e-ASD: Strategies for Gifted Students with ASD, introduction to two academically successful college students with autism.
Strength-based strategies including dual differentiation, identifying and pursuing strengths, the impact of the environmental setting, and the importance of building relationships with an adult such as a teacher, counselor, or mentor.
Finding the right fit for college, college disability services, self-determination, self-advocacy, and executive functioning, participating in enrichment activities and residential programs based on interests, and how passions and interests can influence decisions and transitions to college life.
Academic and social pursuits in college such as registering with disability services, making honest connections with peers, and being mindful of the differences in expectations between high school and college classes, finding a touchpoint on campus for support, and participating in extracurricular activities and clubs.
Essential findings such as the importance of talent development opportunities based on interests, strength-based strategies, mentors, and some final advice for teachers on working with 2eASD students.